History and architecture of esferic

Singular building, isolated in circular shape, that was built in 1929 as the Science Pavilion for the International Exhibition of Barcelona. In 1960’s it was Damm’s old brewery and it was part of the Montjuïc amusement park, that closed in 1998.

The amusement park of Montjuïc was transformed into the Joan Brossa gardens, opened in 2003, and this building was one of the few that were preserved.

The building was empty, without façade cladding and became considerably deteriorated. In 2004 the project of restoration, extension and improvement began by the architect Joaquim Matutano Ros, and the work ended in 2008. The criterion of intervention is based on maintaining the original architectural characteristics that define the volume, updating to the current requirements, especially in the installations.

History and architecture of esferic

It is a circular building with a unique structure, consisting of twelve Y-shaped reinforced concrete pillars, two levels high, crowned with a circular concrete main beam that supports the structure of the roof, which is a pyramidal dome. This one, 18 meters of light, is made up of twelve metal joists arranged radially that are supported in another circular metallic main beam.

Another of the architectonic singularities of the building is the Catalan vault that is in the ceiling of the Vidreres room. It is a type of construction that was applied in the nineteenth century to factories and industrial buildings, mainly in the center of Barcelona.

The building breathes the views of Barcelona and the green surroundings of the Joan Brossa Gardens.

History and architecture of esferic


Esferic has two distinct spaces. The main floor has a large terrace to hold the outdoor event.

The Vidreres floor is a space characterized by its breadth. It has a separate terrace and privileged views of Barcelona.

In addition, we have some exceptional green areas: Joan Brossa Gardens, a clear example of how the exclusive design of Barcelona has slipped even in the most natural spaces.

History and architecture of esferic


Esferic spaces Height M2 Banquet Cocktail Theater Clasroom Cabaret
R Higher Vidreres 3 230 240 290 250 125 160
R Higher dome 3,57 x x x x x x
R Low Brossa 2,5 215 160 230 x x x
Terrace Vidreres x 260 165 160 100 x x
Terrace Brossa x 250 200 300 x x x



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